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Well my first job when I was 16 at school was flipping hamburgers at my local McDonald's in Dublin

Fantastic job

First time I had some serious pocket money

I also got to work with some great people

And learnt the value of working in teams

I do remember I always smelt of onions

And the nylon for the uniform wasn't exactly great but it was a great first job great experience

And something that I've treasured ever since. I still love working in teams.

I still love getting involved

Volunteering to do things

I was in charge of the sports and social club there and I still like to make sure we mixed life balance and we get work and pleasure in balance in the job I do today at 02

And you know what any job experience is relevant experience if you think about it employers are looking for attitude and in this environment when it's really hard to get a first start any job can be relevant if you make it relevant


Another in a great series of short videos from the UK's Channel 4. In this interview, the executive of a major mobile phone company talks about his first McDonalds.   This is a good opportunity to listen to a genuine Irish accent.

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